In today's atmospheric gassing systems using endothermic gas or nitrogen/ methanol, only 2% of the gas is actually diffused into the workpieces - 98% remains unused and is burned off and released into the atmosphere. Making changes and improvements to be more green can be a hassle, but Ipsen's HybridCarb gassing system is one of the few green technologies that...
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Quench Nozzles

Ipsen has provided yet another innovation available for use in VFS model furnaces. ThreadFast gas quench nozzles are specially designed to provide the least restrictive gas flow path into the vacuum furnace work zone. ThreadFast gas quench nozzles, available in graphite or ceramic, provide a more durable and cost-effective alternative to standard moly nozzles.
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Ipsen's AvaC (acetylene vacuum carburizing) is a technology exclusive to Ipsen that uses acetylene to virtually eliminate soot and tar, while greatly increasing carburizing power even for blind or through holes. AvaC process configurations are optimized for maximum results and come with a variety of features and options so you get the best out of your vacuum carburizing furnace.
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Convection Heating

Our latest convection heating design and new flapper nozzle are technological breakthroughs. The flapper nozzle system, a convection turbo-gas outlet port, is simple and reliable. It requires no complex linkage or actuation mechanism. It remains in a closed position unless when cooling, thus reducing heat loss from the hot zone while improving temperature uniformity during heating.
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Directional Cooling

The Ipsen SuperTurbo® horizontal vacuum furnace is superior in achieving minimum distortion at optimal cooling performance levels. The combination of high quenching pressure, directional cooling and Ipsen's water-cooled motor with LCP start-up allows hardening of heavy loads with significant gains in part quality. Improve your process with the SuperTurbo.
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Hearth Rails

Ipsen's improved graphite hearth rails are specially designed to handle very large workloads at high temperatures. Before this innovation, heat treaters had to rely on molybdenum rails for heavy loads. But Ipsen has successfully eliminated this problem. It's just one more innovation Ipsen has introduced to minimize maintenance and make vacuum heat treating more reliable.
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Heating Elements

Our GraForm curved graphite heating elements for VFS model vacuum furnaces represent a major breakthrough for the thermal processing industry. Because GraForm elements are considerably thinner than conventional straight graphite elements, they have a lower mass. This delivers a very responsive system with operational consistency.
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