First-Time Heat Treater Streamlines Production, Reducing Lead Times by Nearly 85%

The Challenge
A manufacturer of Aerospace-grade fasteners wanted to streamline their production process and shorten lead times while still keeping costs low. They realized that to meet their objectives they needed to bring heat treatment in-house.

"We used to send our products to a local heat treater before bringing them back in-house to finish the production process. But this meant we would have to wait for a truck to fill up each week before any parts could be taken to be heat treated. In the end, this strategy just wasn't working for us. It created long lead times and a convoluted in-house workflow that simply wasn't sustainable."

While the decision to bring heat treatment in-house made sense, this was would be their first vacuum furnace. Ipsen's TITAN® product line appealed to them as it was built on the principle that everyone can be a heat treater, whether you are new to the industry or an expert. As such, all TITAN furnaces are carefully designed and crafted with the end user in mind. However, they not only needed a heat-treating system that could run their required processes, but also a company that had the resources to support them throughout the process. This included assistance with on-site installation, expert training and timely field support.

Winning Outcome
In the end, Ipsen provided the comprehensive support and expert-driven solutions they were looking for.

"We liked that Ipsen provided the full-service support we needed. They assisted with the installation and start-up process, and for our team members that need to learn more about the equipment, processes and maintenance, they offered an Ipsen U training that gave them some hands-on experience."

After working hand-in-hand with Ipsen to select the ideal piece of heat treatment equipment, the customer decided to purchase a TITAN H4 vacuum furnace. The TITAN was cost-effective to purchase and operate, as well as able to solution treat and age harden their products. It was also capable of meeting applicable AMS 2750E and Nadcap standards – which was vital to them as they manufactured components for the Aerospace industry. Since purchasing the furnace in 2013 and bringing heat treatment in-house, they have reduced their lead times from at least a week to processing parts in one night. The furnace has also helped them manage their production throughput and improve the ways products move throughout the shop.

According to the customer, "The results speak for themselves. Our decision to go with the TITAN has allowed us to continue providing the high standards our customers rely on us for, as well as meet the necessary qualifications for manufacturing Aerospace-grade fasteners."

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