Ipsen Turbo2Treater

Vacuum Furnace for Quality, Versatility and Efficiency

Specially designed for vacuum carburizing and high-pressure quench applications, Ipsen’s Turbo²Treater® vacuum furnace continues to set new standards in quality, versatility and efficiency. With high quench speeds and uniform cooling and heating, enhanced part quality is consistently achieved. Our unique, flow-production process allows us to integrate premium components while also maintaining cost-effective pricing—all of this on a global platform that can operate anywhere in the world.

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Industry-Focused Solutions

Ipsen's Turbo²Treater® furnace is ideal for multiple industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Heat Treating
  • Medical
  • Tools
Component Versatility

The Turbo²Treater® furnace's versatile nature makes it the perfect heat-treating choice for a range of components, including:

  • Long and thin parts
  • Multi-layer loads
  • Tools and small dies
  • Gears, drills and saw blades
Turbo²Treater® Specifications:

Max. Load Dimensions
W x H x D

Internal Quench
Pressure (absolute)
Max. Operating Temperature
M 24" x 24" x 36"
(610 mm x 610 mm x 910 mm)
1,600 lb
(800 kg)
2 to 12 bar 2400 °F
(1320 °C)
XL 36" x 36" x 48"
(910 mm x 910 mm x 1220 mm)
3,300 lb
(1,500 kg)
2 to 12 bar 2400 ° F
(1320 °C)


  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Hot zone completely CFC covered
  • Quench pressure up to 12 bar with nitrogen (8 bar with argon)
  • Alternating flow direction of cooling gas helps increase quench uniformity and minimize part distortion
  • Convection-assisted heating helps speed up cycle times and increase temperature uniformity
  • Comes standard with powerful VacuProf® 4.2 software


  • CE compliant
  • AMS 2750 compatible
  • Built with Metric fittings and connections
  • Capable of operating in 20-plus languages
  • Compact design
  • Ships in a standard shipping container

Heat Treatment Processes

  • Low-pressure carburizing (AvaC®)
  • Low-pressure carbonitriding (AvaC®-N)
  • Solution nitriding (SolNit®)
  • Annealing and sintering
  • Hardening and tempering

Ipsen Customer Service

  • Local sales and service presence
  • Aftermarket support included for the life of the furnace
  • Spare parts available for quick shipping at your local Ipsen Facility

To discuss your vacuum furnace requirements, contact Director of Equipment Sales Mark Heninger, or fill out our request a quote form.