Overview of Continuous Furnaces

Ipsen offers a broad range of continuous furnace options based on different design principles and built to your specifications.
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Pusher Furnace

This furnace is particularly suited for the continuous treatment of parts under a protective gas atmosphere. The extremely stable hearth structure is designed for high load weights.
Pusher furnace solutions

Rotary Hearth Furnace

Ipsen's rotary hearth furnace is designed for carburizing shallow case depths and reheating pretreated work pieces. Its high throughput makes it suitable for heat treating large quantities of the same parts.
Features of Rotary Hearth furnaces

Mesh Belt Furnace

The mesh belt furnace delivers repeatable heat treatment results for bulk goods and large quantities of small parts while maintaining low energy costs and maximum uptime.
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Endothermic Generators

Endothermic Generators have a modular design and are available in several sizes to meet the needs of Ipsen customers. For ease of use, programs are preinstalled for regeneration of the retort (conditioning cycle), starting and cooling down.
Endothermic Generator options