Ipsen USA Provides Turbo2Treater for Italian Commercial Heat Treater

Ipsen USA Provides Turbo2Treater for Italian Commercial Heat Treater

May 24, 2022

Cherry Valley, ILLINOIS (May 24, 2022) – Ipsen recently installed the second Turbo2Treater vacuum furnace at Temprasud, a commercial heat treater in Fresagrandinaria, Italy.

“With the addition of this vacuum hardening and low-pressure carburizing furnace, we can offer our customers greater flexibility and production capacity,” said Temprasud CEO Michelangelo Del Vecchio.

Their first Turbo2Treater was purchased in 2017 and allowed Temprasud to expand services, improve part quality and reduce cycle times. The new furnace will help them continue to grow business in the automotive market, with anticipated expansion into aerospace. They also have a large customer base in the construction equipment, wind energy and agricultural machinery industries.

Temprasud cites Ipsen’s technical expertise and excellent customer service as motivators in their decision to continue ordering Ipsen equipment. In reference to the Turbo2Treater, they say it produces parts with optimal hardness, bright surfaces and minimum distortion.

“Ipsen provides innovative treatment systems and technologies that guarantee the best results in terms of quality,” said Del Vecchio.

Temprasud also has two Ipsen VDR furnaces for nitriding and nitrocarburizing in their plant. Their Ipsen furnaces have helped to reduce the environmental impact of production with better temperature uniformity and faster processing speeds. This helped Temprasud receive ISO 14001 certification, which is the international standard for environmental management systems.

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