Ipsen Vacuum Leak Detector Package

Agilent Vacuum Leak Detector 

Leak check your vacuum furnace with accuracy and ease when you choose the Ipsen leak detector package. The full package includes an Agilent HLD Series MR15 leak detector mounted on a portable cart with a two-stage rotary vane pump and wireless remote. The ideal tool for any application, this advanced leak detector can be verified and calibrated for helium in minutes. Plus, it can zero out any background helium so you can quickly locate system leaks in a timely manner. 

User-friendly design 

Allows the entire unit to be operated with two buttons and by one person 

Handheld wireless remote
Lets you view the leak detector display up to 300 feet away from the unit 

Large touch screen
Guides you through the setup process 

Audio alarm
Identifies system leaks, allowing for one-man operation 

Advanced system intelligence
Saves valuable times by storing setup parameters for most important applications 

Robust design
Conforms to CE, UL and CSA standards 

Features and Benefits:  

  • Minimum detectable leak at 1,000 ppm ambient helium: 5E-12 atm-cc/sec 
  • Maximum test port pressure: 10 Torr 
  • Response time: <0.5 seconds 
  • High test port pressure detects large leaks 
  • Portable wireless remote enables large machines to be leak checked by one person 
  • Multiple channels for use of one remote with up to 20 leak detectors 
  • On-site training performed by leak detector expert 

Download the Leak Detector Package Flyer (PDF)