Fast-Track your Process from Prototype to Production

In a competitive market, meaningful collaborations help you achieve success quicker. The growing demand for high-quality components, with tighter geometrical tolerances, and more powerful material properties, has triggered the integration of additive manufacturing (AM) into the production lines of the aerospace, automotive, medical and consumer goods industries.

The additive manufacturing industry needs a partner that understands the furnace features needed to create quality parts. Partnering with Ipsen means getting properly designed and built heat-treating equipment that meets your application's requirements.

For more information on how Ipsen can support your additive manufacturing needs, contact Mark Heninger.

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Ipsen manufactures global platform and custom-made furnaces that accommodate most metal AM parts and applications including powdered metal and MIM components, 3D metal printing, and beading applications like abrasives. Ipsen's furnaces are compatible with most AM applications such as direct metal laser sintering, binder jetting, and electron beam additive manufacturing.

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Ipsen Vacuum Debinding & Sintering Furnace

Ipsen DS Vacuum Furnace

  • Shortest door-to-door cycle time with high speed vacuum sintering
  • Precise process control for consistent part quality
  • Short delivery time with rapid start-up
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Up to 2,650 °F operating temperature
  • Weight capacity up to 3,000 lbs.
  • Graphite or all-metal hot zone
  • Temperature uniformity better than +/- 10 °F
  • Internal nitrogen or argon gas cooling up to 2 bar