Ipsen Ceramics

About Ipsen Ceramics

The story of Ipsen Ceramics began in 1948 when Mrs. Ipsen's kiln broke down. Instead of buying a new kiln, though, Harold Ipsen decided to design and build a replacement himself.The new kiln turned out beautifully and produced wonderful results – no more cracking or crazing. As friends and acquaintances heard about the kiln he built for his wife, many began asking him to also build them one. 

Not too long after in 1951, Harold Ipsen ended up forming IpsenLab in Rockford, Illinois – which was both a showcase for the equipment and a commercial heat treat facility. It was then, in 1952, that Harold Ipsen founded Ipsen Ceramics to produce specialized refractory ceramic tubes for use in steel heat-treating furnaces. As of January 1957, Ipsen Ceramics was incorporated as a separate company and began operations in a new facility in Pecatonica, Illinois – where it is still located today.

Ipsen Ceramics is affiliated with Ipsen USA and dedicated to performing custom toll firing and supplying high-temperature refractory needs. When it comes to the design, development and manufacturing of technical ceramics, Ipsen Ceramics is your partner in success.